If you are high on thinking power & mentally strong, good at interpretation, fast at decision making and execution, looking for an independent career and life we believe this is the place for you. Very few institutes across the globe can help you make a career of a lifetime in months. We develop professional traders irrespective of any educational background.

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"I apply 100% logic in finding risk to reward ratio of 1:3, and C D Integrated applies 100% logic in offering me latest algorithms to execute my trades"

- Chintan Shah | Profesional Trader

Bear or a bull, ride on this road with 100% logic.

- Amit Patil| M.A.B.ed | Professional Trader | Age 28

Bears or bull, hit the eye with 100% logic.

- Darshit Dave| D. Mech.Eng.| Professional Trader | Age 24


"The world of options trading is so exciting\85..so many   permutations and combinations and there are ample   opportunities to exploit on a daily basis\85"
.....................................................................................- Chintan Shah | Profesional Trader


.....................................................................................- Prakash Parmar | B.COM | Profesional Trader | Age:23

1. What is Professional Trading?
2. Who can make this career?
3. Why should one prefer this as a career?
4. Where dose C.D. Integrated Services Ltd., stand and the reason for its successes?
5. What can one expect from C.D. Integrated Services Ltd.?
6. What is the current scenario for a Professional Trading Career ?
1  What is professional Trading ?
    Professional Trading, right now, we talk in the content of stock market, but this career can be taken up in any other market also, 
    It is an activity where one day trades the market by taking into consideration all the available information at a particular tine, where at that time, the risk is minimum versus the reward and one tries to gain out of it. 
    Here, there is no luck; it is 100% logic. Professional trading is an art as well as science. The outcome is based on total control over one’s own skills. 
    To achieve one’s skill set for professional trading, it requires a lot of training and hard work on the part of the trader. And it has been found that it is possible and consistent money can be made over all the periods in stock, commodities, forex markets and in any type of markets i.e bullish or bearish markets. 

2  Who can make this career ? 
    1. Ability to think, act and communicate quickly
    2. Highly advanced numerical, analytical and problem solving skill
    3. Hardworking
    4. Positive attitude
    5. Working efficiently in challenging environment
    6. Drive and discipline to become a successful trader
    7. One who has performed at a collage, university or professional level in competitive sports have an upper hand
    It has been observed that the one who has the above qualities can be successful in this career, irrespective of any educational background.
3  Why should one prefer this as a career ? 
    This career gives a lot of independence and it is a lucrative career in capital markets. Unlike an investment activity or brokerage activity, where one benefits only when markets are bullish, in this case all the outcomes are under one’s total control. 

    Through this career, one acquires a unique skill set, which can be used for any markets and can be used for a life time. If trained in a proper way, and strict discipline in kept, probability of losing money would be minimal and there will always be an opportunity to earn in any types of markets.

    We can say with surety that this in one type of a recession proof career where as in any other career, the economic cycle plays an important role. 

4  Where does C.D Integrated Services Ltd., stands and the reason for its success? 
    The promoter Parashar N Patel has two decade of experience in this field and successful track record of recruiting, trained and managing traders. The company’s policy has been to train the traders with the help of experienced trainers, who have been successful professional traders themselves, who have consistently and successfully traded the markets through the good and the bad times, who understand the market psychology and trader’s mentality, the difficulties a trader faces during the different stage of his career and thus they have a hands on experience of this activity. 
    Parashar patel’s polity has been, get to the basics of trading, anticipate the changing environment, adapt to the changing environment, evolve the trading strategies based on the changing environment, institutionalize the change in to the professional traders and always exploit the opportunities available in this wide world of markets. 
    An important focus of C.D Integrated Services Ltd’s growth has always been the successful nurturing and development of new traders and trading strategies. By providing an arena in which innovative ideas and research can be pooled over a large number of people, the company has created an exciting and profitable trading environment in which all thrive. 
    C.D Integrated Services Ltd’s culture draws upon the experiences of its founders and the business lesions learned through a variety of successful start ups and career paths. While our atmosphere is relaxed, out work ethic has been same always. Our people are extremely intelligent and extraordinarily driven. They are ambitious innovators who constantly seek new opportunities for growth. C.D. prides itself for creating an environment that allows our members to feed their intellectual curiosity and reach their greatest potential. 
5  What can one expected from C.D Integrated services Ltd ? 
    The company believes in providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, training and thus create an environment, where the skills of the trader can develop the fullest. The trading experience which comes down from Parashar patel to the trainers and in turn to the traders is rich, exhaustive and creates a healthy competition and a competitive environmental where one can exploit  their skills to the fullest. 
    In a nutshell, it is a win-win situation for the traders as well as the company. The company and its management believes in giving back, what is has achieved in this short period if time and it helps the trader to develop a long  term, safe and a lucrative career and thus this wonderful talent of professional trading passes on to new generations. 
    Yes, we say that we day trade the market, because we know if you trade correctly, there is always money to be made and we have been doing that for last two years! 
6  What is the current scenario for a Professional Trading Career ?  
    Professional Trading is a scalable career, and the skill sets can be applied to stock / commodities / forex markets\85.so in a nutshell any vibrant and volatile market is a breeding ground for skillful professional traders. 
    Currently, with available latest technology, and market regulators allowing algorithmic trading facility (automated trading with the help of softwares) in various markets, trading has become fast and opportunities have increased. Before the onset of algorithmic trading, a highly skilled trader had to execute all the trades manually into his trading machine and as a result, there was a limit to which he could monitor the various price movements in different markets / different products plus after monitoring, he had to take an immediate decision and plus execute the trade. Now with pre-designed algorithms available in markets, plus tailor made algorithms based on individual strategies, the opportunites to exploit market ineffeciencies, volatility etc. have increased and the trader has to spend his time in analyzing and developing trading strategies only and execution of the same can be left to the computer software. 
    At C. D. Integrated Services Ltd., we have realized the importance of this development, have the latest infrastructure in place and have in place pre-designed algorithms as well as in house developed algorithms, which enable our team to take advantage of the available technology and thus realize the potential of the trader to the fullest. It has been a constant endeavor at our company to continuously research on new trading technology and platforms available, interact with the best in the industry and facilitate our trading team with the available latest technology and thus improve, sharpen and lengthen their trading career\85