The company has a sizeable proprietary book and does various types of proprietary trading activities like day trading, arbitrage activities. The company has developed manual as well as algorithmic strategies based on which its proprietary desk is actively trading the different market segments and different financial products.

The company has developed an in-house training programme, which can give a time bound but a comprehensive training to a novice trader and prepare him for live trading. The programme starts at a basic level which explains the fundamentals of stocks, currencies, commodities markets the trading opportunities available, numerous case-studies of past market movements, past trading results and case-studies of past trading styles of various professional traders. This programme is suitable even for a fresher who wishes to make professional trading as his career.

The advanced level of In-house training is given to experienced traders at CD Group, and this is an on-going programme as we firmly believe that financial and commodities markets are constantly evolving and the trading style or strategy can never be a constant, and once has to constantly keep on adapting to changes in the environment in order to stay at the top of the trading environment.

The advanced level programme involves wide ranging complex trading strategies, options strategies, options v/s. futures, trading pairs etc. and also acclimates the advanced trader with automated trading platforms, complex algorithms and latest trading technologies.

This In-house training programme is being designed and constantly monitored, modified by the existing senior professional traders along with top level management and this constant learning process and innovative methods are the pillar stones for the success of Professional Trading Team at CD Group.

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